Sole Architect as roller coaster driver

Continuing the ‘Architect as…’ theme, this quick post is just to say how sometimes when you’re a sole trader that it feels like you’re driving a roller coaster.

One minute its “I have no work, crap”, and a second later “I’ve got too much work, I need to get help”. From:

“My clients are such a lovely, warm bunch” to “Argh, Clientzillas!”

The problem is that as we all know a roller coaster doesn’t actually have a driver, and business gets out of control, up and down, twisting and turning. The fact is however I wouldn’t want it any other way and you just have to bend and go with the flow; as the guy in Jerry Maguire said “Go with the punches, tomorrow’s another day”…

Roller coaster from

Roller coaster from

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