How I finally ‘get’ Linkedin…

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Now I’ve been on LinkedIn for ages and I knew how it worked but I never really ‘got it’ until recently. Probably because I’m a sole-trader architect, without staff and without having to look for a job. The occasion has arisen recently where I had to send out a CV and the benefits (as I can see) of LinkedIn are as follows:

  • Being able to research/check the employment record of your potential employer/staff member
  • To research and check the educational record of a potential employer/staff member
  • To see what areas of common interest there are between you and your potential employer/staff member
  • To contribute to groups and pitch yourself as the expert in a given field.

    There’s probably stacks more and please let me know (comment) on how LinkedIn has helped you and I’ll add them to post.

    Anyhows, if you want to link with me (I’ve extensively edited and added to my profile – it now contains every gory detail of my background) – CLICK HERE TO LINK WITH ME or click on the button below:

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    Comments as always welcome…

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