So you’ve built your own house, so now what ?

Maintain it of course!

Today’s job is to paint the timber cladding on the steel tie beams at the front of the house.

I remember a lot of deliberation concerning how we were going to finish this area; continuing the aluminium soffit, red cedar boards to match the brise soleil ? In the end we opted for simply cladding over the steel & insulation with studwork and marine ply and then simply painting it with exterior black paint. It’s not holding up too bad either, there’s a couple of spots where the ply is delaminating but considering this is only the second lick of pain in 6 years it’s looking fine.

Even now I’m thinking about what I’ll do in another 6-10 years; current plan may be to clad the timber in stainless steel, who knows-you build a house and the projects can go on for a lifetime.

Also painted the white poured concrete wall and horizontal upstand (white of course) that holds the grass roof & drainage in, blog post tomorrow on that juicy detail & when/how I took control of the build…


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