Qualifications + experience + CPD = better buildings

I popped up my professional qualifications and accreditations on the home page yesterday (also below):

But what do the qualifications really mean?

It means I take my work and training seriously; the Accreditations take the form of Continuing Practice Development (Click HERE for more on CPD)

It shows that I am professional in my approach and that as a professional in business I will work with you in a professional manner.

The end result is that the combination of the qualifications with the CPD, plus ‘real world’ experience will result in you getting a better building. Better designed, better detailed and better constructed. And as the header says: “Making your dream reality”.

More on my Conservation Accreditation HERE

More on the Environmental Accreditation HERE

More on my Passivhaus Consultant / Designer Certification HERE

More on CPD HERE

For more on Passivhaus visit TeachPassiv.com

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