Mini-business cards 10%off

I wrote this POST a while back on the new business cards (which I am still using). But I couldn’t resist this product from for ‘mini-business cards’.

They follow the same premise for the larger version that I’m using the card to showcase some of my work. The problem is that with the standard card I only have 3 designs on each face whereas the beauty of the cards is that I can have multiple designs as ‘mini’ cards.

photo (10)

The ‘mini-cards’ are an incredibly cute 70mm x 28mm and you can see the standard size card in the background. I’ve included a ‘non-business’ card for personal use which shows me on the Arenberg Trench in the Paris Roubaix Challenge.

If you would like similar cards then why not head over to by CLICKING HERE

If you also follow the links on this page you’ll get 10% off your order.

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