Planning Permission Granted on this split level new house in County Roscommon

Roscommon Planning Permission Granted

We’ve just received the Final Grant of Planning Permission for this split level new house in County Roscommon:

Following a tricky amount of Further Information requests from the Council, where we provided a lot of landscaping information showing local indigenous trees plus a 3D/BIM terrain model that we took all the sections from etc… The animations and image below shows some of this plus the massing to settle house into landscape:


This house is a replacement dwelling with an existing septic tank that we upgraded. If you are looking at undertaking a new-build in Ireland this is a good way to go as it by-passes a lot of the problems such as Local Needs, effluent disposal & road safety. That being said a Planning Application of this type gives a Council the opportunity to improve the current situation by increasing sight visibility distances, additional screening through landscaping and upgrading septic tanks to current EPA standards – so be warned!

We’ve also just received Notification of Planning Permission on THIS HOUSE in County Mayo.

2 thoughts on “Planning Permission Granted on this split level new house in County Roscommon

  1. Congrats on successful planning outcome, just a note on the septic system. All Local Authorities will have existing septic systems assessed for suitability of use for any proposed upgrades or remodeling of un – sewered projects. This means that even if you are not increasing the population of the development with your proposal you will still be asked to undertake an assessment of the existing septic system for compliance with EPA CoP 2009 Standard…….this generally leads to a Percolation Test and so on….

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