Life Lesson No.3 – Promote other businesses as much as you can – visit the Realta Tea Room & Studio

As you go through life you can be perceived by others as either:

a. A Complete Dickhead or

b. A not bad bloke (or bloke-ess)

You’d think the choice is easy but it’s not surprising that the choices you make and the reactions you have to certain situations can unfortunately place you in the former category (yours truly included).

So this recommendation is an easy one to adopt and will place you firmly in the latter category:

Promote other businesses as much as you can.

Forget about how brilliant your work is, how your the best in the business, how your products are fantastic and instead help to promote others.

You therefore want others to be successful, you want them to do well. Because it is through the success of others that Ireland’s economy will grow and when the economy grows everyone will have a little more money to spend on whatever you’re selling.

So, let’s have an example:

Visit the RealtaStudioandTeaRoom in Kiltimagh for the best buns, cakes and other lovelies in Mayo. And while you’re there, get Mark to take your photo – he’s bloody brilliant!

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