Builders conversation in Ireland – I had to share this classic…

I was party to a brilliant conversation this morning that I had to share. You’d only get this in Ireland.

Parties (names changed (apart from me & engineer):

Michael – blocklayer
Paddy – Plasterer
Mark – me (architect)
Paul – Structural Engineer


Paddy arrived with Paul to do some plastering on another job – he’s not the client or owner of the house btw. All other parties arrived separately and don’t know each other:

Michael to me: “Are you the engineer then?”

Me: “No, Paul’s the engineer, I’m the architect”

Michael to Paddy: “Are you the owner then?”

Paddy: “Yes I am”

Paddy to Michael: “You know me…”

Michael: “Jesus Christ, did I sell you two donkeys?”

Paddy: “Yes you did, I bought two donkeys off you”

Strange but delightful.

This is what we’re building by the way (blog post to follow on this and other ‘designs in the story’:


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