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Land Registry – The Who, What, Why and Where!

Before I jump in and shout that WE DO LAND REGISTRY MAPS!, it’s probably best to give an explanation of what they are:

There are 2 separate systems for recording property transactions:

The registration of title system (Land Registry) which provides a State-guaranteed title to property and

The registration of deeds system (Registry of Deeds) which records the existence of deeds and conveyances affecting property

A title is the ownership of a property and a deed is a written document that affects property.

Both systems are mutually exclusive. Your solicitor will know which of the 2 systems is relevant to your case.

Both systems are under the control and management of the Property Registration Authority (PRA), an independent statutory body set up under the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006. Information from: )

The one I work with mostly is the registration of title with the Land Registry. This is generally when:

• A transfer of land occurs (from parents to child; for example when the offspring are building their own house on family land)

• When a house is getting sold

• When a land dispute occurs and mapping is required

• Rights of way need to be established

So this is generally the process:

1. I am approached by the clients solicitor in order to prepare a Land Registry Map of the site in question

2. I then prepare a suitably scaled map with the correct areas delineated and appropriately marked which is sent by the solicitor to The Land Registry together with folio details that the solicitor has prepared

3. The Land Registry then updates the maps and folios they have on their system.

Below is an example of such a map:

Example of Land Registry Map

What’s interesting however is that anyone can see the land divisions, folios and ownership for the whole of Ireland (at a small fee).

The online system is run by The Property Registration Authority ( and is available at

Then all you need to do is to ‘Proceed as Guest’, Accept the conditions and then locate the appropriate area.

You can then ‘Add to Basket’ and obtain either the Folio details for €5 (that gives details of the owner etc) or a Folio plus map for €40 which gives a delineated map plus the folio.
Below is an example from their website:

Example of site from

So with all that said – WE CAN DO LAND REGISTRY MAPS! – Please CONTACT US… for more information.

You can read more about the services we provide HERE.

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