Eureka ! #Architalks (and what I do if clients don’t appreciate these moments)

This post is part of the ArchiTalks series where a group of us (architects who also blog) all post on the same day and promote each other’s blogs. The Topic ‘Leader’ for this post ‘Eureka’ is Stephan Ramos.

You know what they say: “Architecture is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. And yes it’s true. The vast majority of my day is dealing with day to day activities and the ‘Eureka’ moments are a small part of my work.

But that being said; I do have them and sometimes they burst out really quickly and sometimes they take a little longer.

Below are a few examples that I would consider have been a few of or ‘Eureka’ moments:

The Eureka of a sliced roof

The Eureka of a planning exempt dormer

The Eureka of a valleyed roof done in a unique way

The Eureka of an angled wall and sliced roof







Do you know what else these images have in common – other than being ‘Eureka’ moments? None of them actually got built.

You quickly learn as an architect that the vast majority of your work will never get built – this is something that took a while to sink in as an ‘eager-fresh out of college’ student.

But what’s interesting is that the following then takes place:

• You have developed a different way of solving a specific problem. If this problem occurs again you have an immediate design solution that you can ‘pull out of the bag’ like an arrow from a quiver.

• Other subsequent clients (who appreciate the design or who can afford it) get the benefit of your ‘Eureka’ moment. Now these clients shouldn’t think that they are receiving ‘second=hand’ designs that someone else didn’t want – they are benefitting that they are getting the right design solution for their specific requirement.

Comments as always welcome…

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