It’s self-builders week – No. 1 Introduction

There isn’t an official self-builders week. I’ve made it up. It’s just that this week, I’m going to do a post a day on self-builders and self building.

The posts (as always) will say how it is, give the unblemished truth and will pull no punches.

So this is the introductory blog post that sets the scene and gives the topics. Self building is an incredibly stressful activity (note the recent architect on Grand Designs who had a nervous breakdown during his own self build); but equally it can be very rewarding and this series of blog posts will give both sides of why you should self-build and why you should not.

The topics are:

1. You are the main contractor and all that goes with it

2. Self building is very stressful

3. Why architects should charge self-builders more NOT less

4. The economics of self-building

5. The architects role in self-building; certificates,compliance,banks & draw-downs

6. Conclusion

So hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride (as all self-builds are)…

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