Self Build Week – No. 2 – YOU are the contractor!

Here’s post 2 of ‘Self-Builders Week’:

YOU are the contractor!

But what does this actually mean? When you decide to be a self-builder (in whatever form) YOU take full responsibility on the build and in essence YOU become the main contractor. This therefore includes:

  • Tendering out all the information for every trade
  • Ensuring all the materials are correctly ordered and are on site at the right time
  • Drawing up the contracts between you and every sub-contractor
  • Ensuring every sub-contractor turns up on time at the right time and in the right sequence
  • Organising the payment of every sub-contractor

    Just taking one example of a window cill, requires you to order the correct length, depth, type and then to make sure it’s on site at the right time.

    Can you now see the level of commitment that is required if you take on these tasks. It’s not easy and you it’s straightforward to see why main contractors exist and why they charge a premium for undertaking this work.

    I feel the role of a good main contractor is wholly underestimated; obviously they cost more but look at what you are getting in return. Presumably you have a main job (which hopefully is paying for your build) and taking on this level of time and commitment cannot be underestimated.

    I don’t want to put you off but main contractors exist for a reason and I would seriously consider whether you have the time, commitment and mental capacity (emotional breakdowns are common during the self-build process) to take on such a job when realistically the only time you have available is at the weekends.

    More to follow over the next few days…