I am declaring the recession to be over, feel free to join in…

As the headline says, I am declaring the recession to be over.

What facts do I have to substantiate this?

1. We’ve opened a new office to handle an ever increasing client rosta. Read about the new office HERE

2. We’ve taken on a new staff member! Melissa is working with me as a Part I Architect

3. Swinford has also opened a new Accountants office; Vincent Roughneen (Chartered Accountant & Tax Advisor), Photo of office below:


4. The building opposite our office has also sold!

5. Every single Simon/RIAI Open Door Consultation booked out in 2 days. A single slot opened up yesterday and went within the hour. This shows confidence in spending.

It’ll never be the crazy times of the Celtic Tiger (which is probably a good thing) and it’s still ‘grass-shoots’ but things are looking better. And if it’s looking better for architects now then it’ll be better for the builders and suppliers in a few more months. Hang on everyone!

2 thoughts on “I am declaring the recession to be over, feel free to join in…

  1. The economy, fingers crossed appears to be picking up, there are some clear indicators but the landscape both physically and economically is quite different. Poverty is rife, there is an unseen poor larger than is acknowledged, an extreme shortage of not just housing but ‘quality’ housing and a legacy of the abhorrent decision making at local planning and governmental level. The ‘Band aid’ mentality of the ‘elected’ ruled the day. Our profession has had a part to play in this but so has every adult and thinking person in this country.

    Now, Gareth enough of the negativity! Its all too Irish. Our profession i.e Architectural profession (I am on the road to Qualification) is perfectly placed to have an enormous influence on the quality of the direction we take. Every architectural move says something about our society at present but more importantly it speaks of where we want to be. Our hopes and our aspirations are manifest in built form and landscape. The legacy of the ‘Boom years’, what does that say?. What do our buildings of that period say about us and what effects will that legacy of constructed form have on the present society having to inhabit it. Renovations, One-offs, Housing, Streetscape, Public Building, Landscape all affect us physically, emotionally and therefore influence us directly. Our profession is primed to lead the way. Bring on a future Ireland.

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