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The topic of this post is “What’s a typical timeline to design and build a house”

The problem and I’ve hinted at it in the post’s title is that you could also ask “How long is a piece of string” – the answer can vary considerably.

We had one project where the couple was expecting a baby and they wanted to be on site-building with the planning granted within 9 months. At a very minimum, just for the planning process, once the drawings are lodged the process is 8 weeks minimum with a further month after a request for Further Information is submitted. In the case of the couple expecting a baby, we were lucky that the design was fixed within a month and the planning went through within 3 months and we were able to meet the ‘baby’ deadline comfortably.

So let’s look at a worst-case scenario. No names and dates have been altered slightly to allow for client anonymity…:

• Initial contact by clients to architect looking for a house – March 2014

• Confirmation of appointment of us as architects and commencing sketch design – April 2014

• Completion of Sketch Design #1 – May 2015 (so you can see we’re pretty quick at getting our side done)

• Sketch Design amendments on clients changes & submitted for pre-planning consultation – June 2014

• Response from Council regarding the sketch design – not happy regarding the site and request a new house location: July 2014

• We redesign and resubmit revised pre-planning application – September 2014

• Submit revised design on a new site for planning – March 2015

• Planning Granted – June 2015

So up to this point, it has taken (in this worst-case scenario) over a year to get the design and planning in place.

• Detail design including Passivhaus calculations using PHPP and going out to tender – August 2015 (again you can see we’re pretty quick on our bit). Trying to find builders in the West at the right price is currently problematic – so this can also take time

• Agree contract with the builder – June 2017

• Commencement Notice submitted & ground excavated for foundations – August 2017

• Building works finished & house complete – October 2018

So you can see the build process from initial ‘turning of the sod’ to completion is also pretty quick – A year and 2 months – We have done a new house quicker than this (7-8 months) but allowing for Mayo weather – this is fairly reasonable.

The bits that are beyond our control somewhat are:

• Planning (we do our best to design in the right place with the right design but sometimes this can be impossible or difficult)

• Obtaining prices from builders – we spend a lot of time sending out drawings for pricing and even more time chasing up. And then trying to match the builder’s price against what is available can be difficult

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