How does an architect communicate a design to a client in another country? #ArchitalksIE

As a regular contributor to the worldwide ‘Blogging Architect’ group #ArchiTalks; we have extended the concept as a separate Irish group of blogging architects with the hashtag #ArchTalksIE

This first post is on the theme of ‘How does an architect communicate a design to a client in another country?’ and is led by Paul McNally of The PassivHaus Architecture Company

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The Mark Stephens Architects approach:

Many of our clients are now based overseas and are either returning to Ireland full-time or for holidays and require architectural input for new houses, extending existing ones or restoring and refurbishing Irish cottages for example.

Our approach to how we communicate our designs is multi-pronged and as we are a client and design focussed architectural practice the combination of communication methods depends on the client and what they prefer, below are all of the ways we have communicated previously:

1. PDF drawings in 2D and 3D

All of our projects are in 3D and we can extract 2D drawings and 3D visuals directly from them using BIM technology. The easiest and most straightforward way of us communicated drawings is via email and sending PDF drawings.

A typical example that show 3D views in a PDF is shown below:

This can either be marked up by hand on a print (and scanned/photographed) and returned or annotated and returned to us in a digital format using online software such as PDF Escape

2. Phone and Skype

Sometimes, sending emails isn’t quite enough and we’re able to discuss over the phone and with greater effect we can Skype – using Skype we can discuss ideas and hold up sketches to the camera etc…

3. YouTube Flyovers & Walkthrough Animations

We can also supply 3D flyovers and animations of a 3D model which can be viewed via YouTube.

Below is an example of a ‘Flyover’:

Incidentally this project is almost complete and photographs of this are shown below:

And below is an example of a ‘Walkthrough:

4. Viewing 3D Models

Our models can be explored in 3D online and even with 3D ‘Google’ Goggles. You can read more about how we achieve this in the link HERE

5. Using other CAD software such as SketchUp

Some of our more computer-savvy clients are even sending us ideas they have using software such as SketchUp; we can communicate and exchange ideas & files using other software also. Below is an example of one of our SketchUp animations where we are working on sketch ideas and communicating ideas:

6. 3D Foamboard or 3D-printed models

Most of our models are designed using foamboard; we can photograph these from different angles and include in emails; or even send in the post!

Or we can even now 3D print files and theoretically send you the 3D data file for you to print yourself!

So if you are contemplating a construction project in Ireland and think it can be problematic communicating then fear not as we have methods! For more information on our services then please do not hesitate to CONTACT US…

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Paul McNally – The PassivHaus Architecture Company (@paulmknally)
How does an architect communicate a design to a client in another country?

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