Why it’s good for my clients that I’ve written book on #business for #architects @archipreneur @EntreArchitect @EricReinholdt

It may sound strange but it’s actually good news for my clients that I’ve written a book on business for other architects.

The book is tough and recently other architects (at a recent CPD seminar) were incredulous at my toughness in managing my Practice and clients. But why does me being tough and this book help my clients?

The answer is easy: It means that I stay in business in order for me to work as your architect.

• Do you want your architect to go bankrupt halfway through your project?

• Do you want your architect to have to leave the country to get work elsewhere?

• Do you want your architect to not put the time and effort into your project that your project deserves?

• Do you want your architect not to be professional?

This is why I run my Practice the way I do. It may appear tough but in my opinion it’s just being profitable, professional and business-minded.

If you are a client or a potential client then there’s no harm in seeing the way I operate as it’ll let you know what to expect. And if you are another architect I urge you to buy it as the benefits to you and me are immense:

• It’s a better way of working #EndOff
• It gets everyone working in a similar manner – everyone then knows what to expect

If you’re interested in studying this further I recommend the following Twitter accounts:


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