We also build other peoples designs… [Work in progress]

A European Certified Passivhaus Designer

A European Certified Passivhaus Designer

Just to let you know that we’re frequently asked to provide only a partial architectural service for clients. This frequently occures where:

• We undertake a design a planning application service and the client then has a local engineer or architect to provide construction drawings and site inspection/certification. The example below falls into this category:

• We provide design and construction information for house extensions (typically exempt from planning permission) and the client or contractor then provides his/her own local engineer to inspect/certify the works. The example below falls into this category (I’ll need to go back and get an up to date photo of this one):


• We prepare Construction information, Design and Assigned Certifier Services (under S.I. No.9 of 2014) on a design and planning permission prepared by others.

The images below are from a project that’s currently on site that falls into this third category:


Current progress on site

Current progress on site

Why do clients get us to detail and inspect their houses for construction? They know that as Certified Passive House Designers we understand how to build well with insulation, airtightness and ventilation so that they get a better product on completion.

Although we do provide partial architectural services, I still feel that the greatest benefits are obtained when the architect is appointed and retained from beginning to end…

Either way, if you’re looking for an architect or Passive House Designer (a lethal ‘combo’ in my opinion) then please CONTACT ME…

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