My first (and only) architecture award…

I wrote in the previous #Architalks post that very little of the work I did in the virtual world regarding Vectorworks and QuickTime VR exists today (other than that available through the ‘Way Back Machine’ Internet Archive. Amazingly, however, the internet does amaze me sometimes…

My better half is sick of reminding her of the most famous person who went to my school (Emanuel School, Wandsworth, London) – Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of what we know as the World Wide Web (the internet). But if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to download the only award or prize I got from my entire second level schooling.

The Art project I took in the 6th form (prior to getting in & going to Oxford Brookes to study Architecture) was an architectural project on Westminster Cathedral (not the Abbey!):

The project entailed me undertaking drawn plans and sections together with a charcoal rendering of the interior (these are still hanging up at my mothers!). And if I get the chance next time in London I’ll photograph them and update this post…

Well, thanks to the Emanual School archives I can download the Prize Giving brochure (that I couldn’t, unfortunately, attend as was studying) and see my name in print thirty-four years later:


Here’s the full programme (that I’m keeping here for posterity too) that also includes the best man at my wedding (and long term mate – Vince) who received a scholarship to study at Imperial, London:


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