Yay I Won, I won, I won! @CEEwebEurope #GreenRoofs for Biodiversity Photography Competition

I was so pleased to hear that I was announced the winner in the recent CEEWebEurope ‘2016 Green Roof Beauty Contest’ in the Selfie category. A competition ‘Celebrating green roofs in Europe’ and firstly I would like to thank everyone that voted for me and the judges who made the decision.

But what are Green Roofs? Below is some information from Livingroofs.org that explains what green roofs are and why they are important to us:

“By definition, “a green roof is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop and as such represents an important element of the urban green infrastructure.”

They are gardens on the rooftops of buildings and it’s not only cool shade in the summertime that they provide to us.

As they are excellent insulators, green roofs also keep us warm in the winter and contribute to biodiversity of the cities. They are great for our well-being: the soil absorbs water from rain and prevents heavy metals from ending up in our drinking water. Spending time in these calm, green spaces is definitely good for us. Plus, they are so beautiful to look at!

Also, city parks and gardens make our lives more enjoyable, more natural and more relaxing. We are sure you like to spend time in these urban greeneries and that you appreciate their benefits…”

Below is my winning competition entry which shows the Sedum ‘Extensive’ green roof on our shed:


You can read more about this green roof HERE and HERE and HERE and there’s more information about intensive and extensive grass roofs HERE

The other entry we submitted was for the Intensive roof over the house which is shown below:


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