Dual-pronged propositions for clients in 2017… #business #entrepreneur

As an architect who also has an interest in entrepreneurship and business; we’re pleased to continue our dual-pronged simplified propositions for clients through 2017.

But what are the two types of ‘proposition’ simplifiers?

1. The Price simplifier

The price simplifier is to make a product or service dramatically cheaper.

Throughout 2016 we have provided lower cost consultation and design services that have several benefits to clients:

• Lower cost
• A straightforward and simplified proposition
• An easier way to get a project started
• A known service for a fixed cost.

For details on our ‘Price Simplifier’ options, click on the links below:




2. The Proposition Simplifier

A Proposition Simplifier is to make the product or service dramatically better and a joy to use. Our goal therefore is for us to make your home a joy and a better environment for you and your family to live and grow in. To paraphrase Steve Jobs at Apple a little: To make your home “insanely great”. This is our mission. To work incredibly hard for you to deliver a home for you and your family that is “insanely great”.

What’s neat with this ‘dual-pronged’ approach is that you can start off at a lower cost on the ‘Price-Simplifier’ route and then choose to progress to the ‘Proposition Simplifier’ option or not.

You can see the range of projects we are currently completing or working on HERE and if you are looking for an architect in 2017 then why not CONTACT US…

If you are interested in reading more about proposition simplifiers then THIS ARTICLE would be of benefit.

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