Build a house for €25,000

A continuation of yesterdays post on the necessity of building smaller this post illustrates that it is possible to build a beautiful, sustainable house without being mortgaged to the hilt.

The house in question is that designed and constructed by Leitrim architect Dominic Stevens:

The €25,000 house by Dominic Stevens

The €25,000 house by Dominic Stevens, click on image to access website

The house is ‘open-source’ with all the drawings, step by step instructions and construction photographs given free on the website.

Stevens gives a few tips on building such a house; the first of which is:

Find an architect you like, who you can work with on the project.

I would be happy to work with you to design and build a house using these principles, if you’re interested in building in this way, without a massive mortgage then CONTACT ME…

nb We are not related and rumours that we named our 4th child after Dominic are completely unfounded (they’re spelt completely differently anyway) 😉

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