Advice Note No. 8 – The final architect's payment

I haven’t done one of these for a while and the situation has come up a few times recently as projects are drawing to a close.

It’s an interesting problem concerning when the architect should be paid his final payment.

As you may know I operate a system through the construction period where small regular payments are made at intervals throughout the build. The situation is reasonably clear on a main-contractor led project where the final payment is at the key stage of Practical Completion.

With a self-build or project managed led project the situation is less clear as the build takes longer, there is no definite stage of Practical Completion and you need to take into account at what stage the architects role is effectively over and the client is effectively ‘finishing off’ the build.

The conclusion I came to was the key final inspection (not taking into account a final inspection to certify Planning and Building Regulations Compliance/Certification) and that other specialists such as Electricians will be under separate certification is when the insulation to the floors is ready for screeding. The next stage after this would be the floor finishes themselves.

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