Why architecture is like baseball & sex

Go with me on this one…

It’s more of an Americanism but being exposed to US TV for a substantial amount of time cannot but expose you to the concept of ‘getting to first base’ as an adolescent euphemism or metaphor for sex.

Even Wikipedia has an entry for these Baseball metaphors for sex

Now architecture has similar ‘bases’ that you need to reach in order to reach the climax of your build – ie a completed project.

Even the RIAI sets out the four work stages as ‘bases’ that define a typical project:

Work Stage One (First Base): Initial Design

Work Stage Two (Second Base): Developed Design

Work Stage Three (Third Base): Detail Design

Work Stage Four (Fourth Base): Construction and Climax, sorry, Completion.

Remember that not all projects go ‘all the way’ and as I said previously: Things they don’t teach you – most projects don’t go ahead.

6 thoughts on “Why architecture is like baseball & sex

  1. Nice analogy! My firm is only about a year and a half old…safe to say we’re technically still virgins! However I have rather high hopes for this interior we’re doing for a lounge bar…maybe if I were to get it drunk and convince it that the world was about to end…

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