@westernpeople and the €38k case against “architect” – an open letter

This follows on from the tweets yesterday concerning the reporting of the €38,000 damages case against an “architect” in yesterdays Western People newspaper (27/11/12).

Well I had to say something! Here it is, the open letter sent to the Western People and cc’d to the RIAI for their comment.

Dear James Laffey (Editor)

I refer to the reporting of the €38,000 damage award against an “architect” on page 6 of this weeks Western People.

The title “architect” is statutory protected under the Building Control Act 2007 and this Act restricts the lawful use of the title “architect” to suitably qualified persons whose names are on a statutory register which is administered by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI).

The “Architect” in question is not currently or has ever been included on the RIAI Register of architects and should therefore not call himself or be referred to as an architect.

I feel the Western People should clarify that the person in question is not a registered architect as the newspaper report is damaging to registered architects and to the RIAI.

Yours sincerely

Mark Stephens BA(Hons) DipArch ARB RIBA MRIAI
Registered UK and Ireland Architect

cc Margaret O’Flanagan – Admissions Director RIAI

2 thoughts on “@westernpeople and the €38k case against “architect” – an open letter

    1. Hi Donal

      Received reply back from Western People, below:

      I think you would need to take this up with the Circuit Court office. xxx was referred to throughout the court case as an architect and we have a duty under law to report exactly what is stated in court. The media is afforded absolute privilege on reports of court proceedings so if there was something incorrect stated in court I suggest you take up that issue with the Courts Office or the prosecuting counsel.

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