#Vectorworks Tip – How to draw a suspended stove

Here’s a short and snappy tip; you’ll need to be confident in 3D for this (it’s not a full working tutorial just a short precis of what you’ll need to do):

How to draw a suspended stove

You know the type, the lovely teardrop fireplaces that hang beautifully from the ceiling:


Here’s how you do it:

1. In the front view, draw half an ellipse (I used a full ellipse and trimmed it in half), a line and a locus as below:


2. Select the three objects and then Model>Sweep and click OK

3. Then create a cube that will act as a cutting object to make the hole in the fireplace, select this and the above object and Model>Subtract Solids. Make sure the first object (and not the cube is selected) and click OK nb. You may have to set working plane to achieve this.

4. Then assign a metallic texture to the object and render accordingly as the first image.

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