Vectorworks 101 Tips and Tricks Book for Kindle launched

Vectorworks- 101 Tips and Tricks by Mark Stephens RIBA MRIAI


Launch of new Vectorworks book on Kindle: ‘Vectorworks – 101 Tips and Tricks

Mark Stephens has trained literally thousands of users across the world to become more proficient with Vectorworks CAD and BIM software. Completed following 20+ years experience of using and teaching Vectorworks, Mark has compiled over 101 tips and tricks he has gathered in order to become more productive with Vectorworks.

Now these hints and tricks are compiled into a new book for Kindle called ‘Vectorworks: 101 Tips and Tricks’ and are now available for everyone.

To order the book CLICK HERE or click on the book’s cover below:

Vectorworks 101 Tips and Tricks

The book was written with every user in mind; whether you are a beginner or ‘power-user’; there are tips that everyone will learn from.

The book was also written for every version, for every industry and on any platform; so the tips and tricks are applicable whether you are using an older or the most up to date version, whether an architect or any other type of designer and whether you are on a Mac or PC.

I was finding that there was not enough affordable information out there for Vectorworks users on a variety of different versions of the software, whether old or new. The tips will be of benefit to everyone and I guarantee the reader will learn great tips to increase productivity irrespective of their current level”, commented Mark.

The book is nearly 200 Kindle pages at over 11,000+ words with hundreds of screenshots and easy to follow instructions.

Vectorworks – 101 Tips and Tricks also includes tips from guested experts in Vectorworks without whom the Vectorworks community would not be where it is today, namely:

Jonathan Pickup from ArchonCAD Twitter: @archoncad

Michael Kourtellos from 3DToolBox Twitter: @3dtoolbox

Steve Scaysbrook from Konstrukshon Twitter: @scays

But most of all I’d like to thank Nemetschek without whom, and their software none of this would have been possible; from me initially forming a Vectorworks training company and consultancy onto using Vectorworks on a day-to-day basis in my architectural practice ( Mark Stephens Architects )

CLICK HERE for the official Press Release or to order the Kindle e-book CLICK HERE.

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