This is the real problem in rural Irish construction (Part 1)

This post gives a personal opinion on why the construction industry is in the state it’s in. It’s written as an outsider (which effectively I am) looking in.

Rural Ireland has a background of not paying that much for architectural services. This has even been noticed by our friends in the UK:

“…These developments regulated an endemic culture in which non-experts, such as schoolteachers, would be called upon by neighbours and friends to draw up plans for planning permission” Grand Designs Abroad: Ireland Chapter – Kevin McCloud

I’ve noted many times that the consumer has often thought that once the plans have been given planning permission, these are also approvals in terms of Building Regulations. I know how much I need to charge in order to run a business, I know that there are many charging a lot less than me and I often turn away work (or recommend someone else) if I feel they are not looking for someone to give them a professional and complete architectural service.

The forthcoming Building Regulations amendments under SI80 will involve a considerable amount of additional administrative work and it’s important that we as architects charge for our work accordingly; it’s also important that we work with our fellow professionals in the engineering and surveying world and encourage them also to charge an appropriate amount.

It is only when the public truly understands the level of skill, effort and attention that is given when employing a design team that they will appreciate that this level of service can’t be provided by the Technical Graphics Teacher working in his spare time.

The next post is going to focus on how we as professionals from the architectural, engineering and surveying world can work together in a ‘dream team’

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