This is my short summary (to a client) on S.I.No.9 of 2014

This is my very short summary of the Building Regulation changes in S.I. No.9 of 2014, am I missing anything big?

• Anyone can design and submit planning applications

• The new Building Regulations for residential clients apply to new houses and to extensions >40m2

• Prior to Commencement drawings, specifications and certificates are required to be submitted online via the Building Control Management System (BCMS). This can only be done currently by one of 3 professions:
– Registered Architect
– Chartered Engineer
– Chartered Building Surveyor
This person is called the ‘Designer’

• The construction can only be undertaken by a competent contractor. Self-building via direct labour where the self-builder lacks this competence would not be possible.

• The construction is inspected and certified in accordance with a Code of Conduct by the Assigned Certifier in accordance with an inspection plan agreed with the builder. Only the same 3 professionals as above can be an ‘Assigned Certifier’

• On completion the Builder and Assigned Certifier certify that the building is constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations. The building cannot be used or occupied without this certificate.

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