The difficulty with inspecting and certifying self-builders…

I was just going to mention this in a tweet but I think it needs a few more words – it’s still going to be a nice short, punchy post πŸ˜‰

When you’re working on a main contractor built project; the client requires the architect to ensure that the building is constructed in accordance with the drawings, specifications, details and schedules that he/she has paid for. This is generally nice and straightforward, and this is what the architect does.

The problem with self-builders is that as well as being the client they are also the main contractor; remember what I said in SELF BUILDER – YOU ARE THE MAIN CONTRACTOR!

The danger is that the self-builder sees any observations/changes from the architect as criticising his/her building work; which in effect it is. What you as self-builder need to ask is whether you want your house constructed correctly or are you letting pride get in the way. It is essential for everyone to work together in order to construct correctly and in accordance with Planning, the Building Regulations and information from the architect, structural engineer and any other consultant.

I did a whole series of posts for self-builders a while back which you can access HERE

The interesting thing is what will happen from March 2014 when effectively there will be no more self building (as we know it) as the change to the Building Regulations requires […the owner to appoint a competent builder to undertake the works…], I’ve written on this subject HERE. Writing on this is beyond the scope of this blog post but I’ll look into my architect’s crystal ball shortly to try and forecast what’s going to happen. Watch this space. Comments as always welcome…

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