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Life is strange.

You often hear about boy bands who made it big, didn’t appreciate their success at the time due to the rushing about and then enjoyed their come-back much more when they had time to reflect and appreciate.

Such is how I now feel about returning to undertake some teaching, lecturing and presenting over the last year – but what a journey the come-back has been. From the days of teaching and presenting Vectorworks and other CAD software to some prestigious companies and educational establishments, the up at dawn preparation of teaching notes, the seven days a week of travelling the UK to attend roadshows and events, to the travelling overseas to teach architects CAD and (what would become) BIM – in the peak I went a far afield as The British Virgin Islands, to Malta, to the Shetland Islands! But the stress eventually got to me and in 2004 we packed up sticks to what I thought would become a simpler life in Ireland.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and over the years I’d hankered to return to do some teaching and this year I feel as if I’ve achieved what I set out to do – to do a little bit more of what I feel I’m good at and enjoy – that is sharing some of the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained over the years.

So this year I have:

• Presented Passivhaus methodology and construction at The TechnoTeachers Conference of Ireland – this is directly helping the architects and Passivhaus Designers of the future

• Crit panel tutor at Sligo IT – RIBA Accredited honours degree level course in Architectural Design; really enjoyed this – would love to do more in Ireland, UK and even further afield

• CPD Presentation at RIAI to colleagues on Marketing and Business. What better way to say that you’re returned by imparting knowledge to your peers.

But what a joourney it’s been; let’s look back at how long it took to get there (names withheld to protect those follish not to emply me)

– 1999: Interview at West of Ireland College for post teaching rural architectural design – “We don’t think you’d be able to make the transition from London to the West of Ireland” – over 15 years later I’m living, loving and still working here!

– 2009 & 2014: Similar interviews at two similar establishments – sometimes you’re sitting in the interview room and you’re just part of the process. The job has already been given to someone else before you’ve opened your mouth.

Anyway, I’m happy to have ,ade a ‘come back’; I’m going to be more careful over the time I’ll be doing it but if you’re looking for someone to lecture, teach or present then please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME…

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