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I’ve heard this story a few times, told by different people depending on what job they do:

“A King was having problems with the plumbing in his castle and called a series of plumbers to fix the problem.

None of them had a clue what the problem was. Until in desperation the King called the last plumber in ‘Ye Olde Golden Pages’.

This plumber came out. Looked at the pipework. Took out his hammer. And proceeded to hit one of the pipes.

The plumber then proceeded to give the King a bill for £1000.

Aghast, the King shouted at the plumber “£1000 simply for hitting a pipe!”

The plumber replied “Here is the break-down of my bill:

– Hitting the pipe with a hammer: £1
– Knowing where to hit: £999”

Now I can’t guarantee planning but I know the architectural equivalent of being able to hit the pipe. Trust me.

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