Some tools of my trade… @vectorworks mentioned

I thought I’d share some of the tools that I use as part of my everyday work to help me in the design and construction process:


From left to right:

1. iPhone

Indispensable for me with some of my favourite apps including:


Some of the sites I work on are very remote and difficult to find on a return visit; especially when you have to follow someone else. So I use SMS-GPS (screen grab in main image above) to email myself the GPS coordinates of the site as soon as I arrive in order that I can find it again on a return visit.

• Compass

Normally at the first visit I’ll check where South is to start the design process; I know this is magnetic north so I use the next app to fine tune the solar path:

• SunSeeker

Sunseeker shows in Augmented reality through the iPhone camera the suns path at the current date and the two solstices. Again this aids the design process.

Sunseeker Screenshot

Screenshot from iphone Sunseeker App

• Convert Units

I’m forever having to convert metres to feet, square feet to square metres – This app does that

• VectorWorks Nomad

VectorWorks Nomad which is part of the VectorWorks Cloud Services allows me to have access and share my drawings via the Cloud. For details of Vectorworks Cloud Services click HERE(opens in new window)

• AutoCAD 360

I use Vectorworks for all my designs and construction drawings. However I’m sent AutoCAD files frequently from other consultants and this app allows me to open and view them out in the field before I return to the office to import them into VectorWorks

2. My 4″ ball

Read about the 4″ ball HERE

3. Disto Laser Measurer

An indispensable tool for measuring distances, heights, areas, even volumes with a laser. Even has a built in camera with zoom for targeting at longer distances.

4. Moisture Meter

For analysing any problems involving dampness, condensation or mould issues. Push the two steel pins into any building material and gives a reading of moisture content on the LCD screen.

5. Levelling Tool

“Old School” Automatic level or otherwise known as a “Dumpy Level”. I use this to check levels on site; I never set things out for the builder and even though it’s “old school” this tool works well when I come to check them (tripod & staff not shown)

I also have access to a whole heap of other tools that qualified specialists use in order to ensure compliance such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, airtightness equipment etc…

I use these tools to ensure that you as a client get the best possible design and construction and to ensure Planning and Building Regulations compliance.

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