So which Building Regulations system would you kill for? @bregsforum

As a continuation to A UK trained architect’s experience of Irish Building Control this post takes the argument a bit further and asks you which system you would prefer…

I can understand how the “To die for” quotes on proposed Irish Building Control have come about. You can see the attraction where the only professionals that can inspect and certify buildings are registered architects, chartered engineers and building surveyors. A lovely little monopoly where we divide up all the work between us, sounds brilliant.

But in my opinion it doesn’t help improve construction standards in Ireland; as the evidence is now showing on the BRegsForum the forthcoming Building Regulation amendments in March 2014 are riddled with liability issues and completely unprepared staff and technical systems. The problem with Building Control (and this doesn’t change when SI80 is introduced) is not in the people that are able to inspect/certify the work but in the lack of third party inspections that are needed to ensure the likes of Priory Hall don’t happen again.

I have been talking to Chartered Engineer colleagues and they are voicing the same concerns as the architects concerning SI80 and it’s important that all the construction professionals and associations work together in order to improve building standards in Ireland.

But what do you think? You can comment below or you can get involved in the BRegs debate by visiting the BRegsForum

ps If you are an RIAI member and haven’t voted yet, make sure you make your vote count; if you’re looking for a candidate striving for Building Regulations reform and giving a voice to rural architectural practices throughout Ireland then vote STEPHENS, MARK

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