So where are we now with the Building Regulation/Control changes? @BRegsBlog mentioned

I thought it useful to outline what the current situation is regarding the Building Regulation Amendments:

1. For a one-off house or extension> 40m2 you can either opt-in to S.I No.9 of 2014 (where you need an Assigned Designer/Certifier etc…) or you can opt-out via S.I 365 where the owner can declare

“that, having regard to the provisions of Article 9(5) of the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2015, I have decided to opt out of the requirement to subject the above building works to statutory certification as comprehended by Part II and Part IIIC of the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2015.”

This has to occur prior to the commencement of works such that the commencement notice is accompanied by:

— a Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification,

— such plans, calculations, specifications and particulars as are necessary to outline how the proposed dwelling or domestic extension will comply with the relevant requirements of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations; This will typically include, but not be confined to, general arrangement drawings; a schedule of compliance documents, as designed or to be prepared at a later date; the online BCMS assessment of the proposed approach to compliance (Art. 9(1)(b)(i) of the Principal Regulations refers),
— a Notice of Assignment of Builder (Art. 9(1)(b)(ii)(IV) of the Principal
Regulations refers),

— a fee of €30 (Part V of the Principal Regulations refers).

2. In all cases you are required to comply with the current Building Regulations in the proposed works.

No comment in this post giving opinion on which you should go for; currently I am working with different clients who have opted-in and opted-out!

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