Shortlisted for Be2Award ‘Best Use of Twitter’ Category Award…

Wow, I’ve been shortlisted for a Be2Award for ‘The Best Use of Twitter’ !

Here’s a snippet from the Be2Award website about what the awards are all about:

“Since June 2008, the social media advocacy community, Be2camp, has been helping the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and related industries to think about and deploy Web 2.0 tools and techniques. It’s now time to start shouting about some of the best practice that has emerged — so we are organising the world’s first awards for social media in the built environment.”

But why do I use Twitter and what do I get from it ?:

1. It’s social – working as a lone architect in a remote village, in a remote county in a remote European country (sounds a little like the skeletons story) means that it can get a little lonely – Twitter is like having a quick chatmaround the water cooler.

2. It’s work – if I need help on a topic my loyal band of helpers can pretty quickly help answer a question; it’s like having ‘phone a friend’ in 140 characters

3. It’s business – first of all it’s social, so no pushy-pushy sales please (see point 1. above) but I use it to help promote my work. As I don’t advertise I see Twitter as a vital part of my marketing plan.

4. It’s coordinated – I use Twitter in conjunction with FlickR, TwitPic, Linked-In and Facebook. Twitter is the linch pin that holds it all together.

5. It’s helpful – it’s the people that make Twitter a success and in the same way that I try to help people along the way; I have had countless people chivvying me a long and giving support.

So, if you think I’ve contributed to Twitter or whether I’ve helped you in any way VOTE FOR ME NOW !!!

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