Self Builders and the Building Regulations amendments – what can you do? @bregsforum @targetzerogroup @passiveacademy mentioned

I’ve written about this a lot already and below is the post from the BRegsForum which details the current situation regarding self-builders and the SI80 Building Regulations Amendments:

This post therefore concentrates on what you can do if the government doesn’t see sense and postpone/cancel the March 1st implementation:

THE NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT OF BUILDER requires the builder to be ‘competent to undertake the works’. So how do you become competent? By getting trained obviously.

The current methodology of building a new house in Ireland is everyday getting closer and closer to the Passivhaus standard. As well as becoming a Passivhaus Designer/Consultant (which I am currently undertaking, exam on Friday!); you can also become a Passivhaus Tradesperson. This course teaches and examines you on all the aspects of Passivhaus, namely:

• Insulation
• Airtightness
• Ventilation
• Windows
• Thermal bridge free construction

All from the standpoint of how you as the builder can build to this standard. This would give you knowledge far in advance of current builders (not trained in Passivhaus) and would definitely in my eyes (and in my opinion) classify you as ‘competent’

You can find out more about the Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course by clicking on either of the two companies below:

Target Zero Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Passive House Academy Passivhaus Tradesperson course

This still doesn’t get round the mandatory Builders Register put forward by the Construction Industry Federation for 2015 which in my opinion is a red-herring and should not be introduced for one-off residential projects.

Comments as always welcome…

All advice online is remote from the situation and cannot be relied upon as a defence or support – in and of itself – should legal action be taken. Competent legal and building professionals should be asked to advise in Real Life with rights to inspect and issue reports on the matters at hand.