#RTEinvestigates cute hoors

Ireland has some great words and phrases specific to it’s locale and countrymen/women. Cute hoor is such an example.

The Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com) defines ‘cute hoor’ as:

Phrase used in Ireland to describe a slippery customer, a rogue, a charlatan, someone who seems upstanding or innocent and mild but who never misses an opportunity to screw you over, scam you, rip you off or hide their farcical f**k ups, blame everyone else for the s**t they cause and generally lure you into their Machiavellian trap… unsurprisingly generally applied to cowboy politicians, corrupt rich tax evaders and their ilk

RTÉ showed outstanding journalism yesterday in it’s ‘Investigates’ series on corrupt Councillors & TD’s. With the whole shower of them showing themselves as what they were – cute hoors.

You can read the full set of reports on the dodgy dealings HERE

The Irish Times explains the problem HERE succinctly.

I haven’t witnessed any brown envelopes at planning but I’ve seen several cases where I’m convinced that an application will get rejected and then a few words are said and the application sails through easily. Whether money was exchanged during these stages I have no idea but what I do know is that I’m not keen on this lobbying during the planning process. An planning application should go through on it’s merits without these conversations taking place. The problem is that everybody turns a blind-eye when things are going well, even if some cute hoor is doing well in the process; it’s inevitably an “I’m all right Jack” attitude.

And if you don’t laugh you’ll cry at the political corruption in the country. Speaking of laughing, this at least will cheer you up:

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