Quick site visit to this restoration/extension (design & planning only)

I’m often asked whether I provide a partial service and this cottage restoration and extension is a good example where I did the design and planning and then handed over to another for completion.

Obviously I prefer being involved from beginning to end and I think the end result will be better but there are situations where the client decides on a partial service is required due to cost or family members/friends are engineers etc…

There is an advantage for me in providing a partial service in that I get a substantial amount of the fee without having the hassle of building the thing. I can also pop down to the site and it’s hugs and handshakes (Hi Barbara & Mark) without me having to be the bad guy.

Anyway, below is one of the early initial concept visuals and below that are current ‘Work in progress photos’ (sorry about the quality; only had iPhone & weather was terrible.





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