The power of the architect model – a human story #hope

architect model making

Here I am at Technoteachers Conference giving workshop on architectural model making.

. You can see a short post on my workshop HERE.

The faithful reader will know that we produce foamboard models for the majority of our work.

Nothing explains a scheme better than a foamboard model.

And a client understands a foamboard model faster than any drawing; even when the drawings are in 3D as well as 2D.

What I didn’t anticipate however was the importance of the model, to the client that has nothing to do with the design.

This has happened a few times recently that I visit a client’s house and I spot my architectural model.

On a job that hasn’t started on site, my model is a metaphor for hope. My model is the only solid form the client has of what they hope will be granted planning permission and what they dream of building.

I wrote THIS POST in 2011 on why architects make models; Everything in this post is still relevant but what I didn’t understand was the emotional significance that the model provides to the client.

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