Planning Tip #7 – Sometimes you're just not going to get planning

This is the toughest one to swallow.

Sometimes, for whatever the reason. You’re just not going to get planning on your site.

Whether it’s a contravention of the Local Authority Development Guidelines or it’s impossible to find an area on the site meeting EPA percolation standards. the reality is that some sites just aren’t planning friendly.

In fact it seems like the Planning Authority will do everything in its powers to stop you getting planning. In reality they’re just playing by the rule book. The problem however is that they have also written the rule book. And after a refusal it’s also possible that An Bord Pleanála will agree with the Council and also refuse to give planning permission.

This is the last step. When you have to regroup and reconsider your options:

• Maybe there’s an existing building we could utilise?

• Maybe there’s an alternative site we could use?

• Maybe we should reconsider the design?

Either way you can get to a stage where you can go no further and you’ll have to think again…

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