Planning isn’t easy, the design is the easy bit – it’s all the other stuff! #revisit

I wrote THIS POST in 2012 on ‘It’s not the design that will scupper your planning permission’.

Things are worse if not better and this post acts as a bit of a revisit.

As I said in 2012 I’m confident I can design well and design something (when allowed) that will be a gorgeous home for you and your family that the planners will also like. The ‘tricky items’ I wrote about in 2012 that can scupper your planning are site suitability regarding the EPA test for the septic tank/effluent treatment system and road safety regarding sight lines.

Let’s now look at the ‘difficulties’ we’re facing on Further Information requests on current planning applications:

• Sight visibility (again)
• Percolation tests (again)
• Flood Risk Assessments
• Archaeological Assessment (applicant had ‘hidden’ castle in his front garden!)
• Landscaping Proposals

2 thoughts on “Planning isn’t easy, the design is the easy bit – it’s all the other stuff! #revisit

  1. Hi Mark. I think it’s about turning these obstacles to your advantage. Seems a lot to deal with on a domestic scale project. U probably have several design team consultants to manage at this stage. Is there a way to incorporate the castle into the design?.

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