One of the speakers at teaching conference on design and #Passivhaus

I wrote HERE about a forthcoming bit of teaching/lecturing I’ll be doing shortly; I can give more details about it now that it has been confirmed:

I’m speaking at the TechnoTeachers Association of Ireland at their annual conference (for details of TechnoTeachers & the conference click HERE)

The talk is to aid the teachers in the delivery of the Construction Studies course; to give information about how an architect designs, the design process and how that integrates with Passivhaus methodology.

The basis of my talk is as follows:

1. The design doesn’t start with the client
2. Everything starts with the site or property; the topography, existing structure, views, solar path, wind direction…
3. The plan is the generator
4. The sections through the building then follow
5. And what it looks like is the end result
6. Detailing, construction and Passivhaus methodology

What surprised me regarding the course, syllabus and exams is the emphasis on sustainable and energy efficient design and the level of detail and construction knowledge that is required for Leaving Certificate students (17-18 year olds remember and still at secondary school).

I’ll also be running a workshop on the Saturday in architectural model making techniques.

The Technoteachers Association has been in existence for over 30 years representing and supporting teachers of traditionally woodwork and drawing, which today has become:
• Materials Technology Wood
• Technical Graphics
• Design & Communication Graphics
• Construction Studies
• Technology

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