Now's the time to start thinking of getting an architect…(ahem)

I wrote THIS POST last January on the statistics of enquiries I receive over the year and it peaks it January. If you look at the graph people are starting to look at getting work done either for a new house or to an existing property about now in October; I guess the summer is over and thoughts are turning to feathering the nest in Spring (graph shown again below):

Graph showing visitors vs months over year

Graph showing visitors vs months over year

(There’s a natural drop-off in December when Santa is preparing too)

So what’s stopping you? If you’re looking for a design conscious architect in the West of Ireland that is also trained to create a warm welcoming home (I’m also a Certified Passive House Designer) then CONTACT US Now!

Not sure whether I can design something for you? Then check out the PROJECTS section of website; we’ve done plenty of work in a variety of different styles.

ps I’m also a Conservation Accredited RIAI architect and a ‘Designer’ and Assigned Certifier under S.I. No.9 of 2014

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