New Years Resolutions to my clients #housenaming

There are a few things we’ll be continuing/adding to our ‘Standard’ services to our clients for 2017:

As an incentive to grant permission to photograph projects we’ll give:


• A complimentary bottle of bubbly on completion
• Complimentary bunch of flowers on completion
• ‘House-warming’ card

It’s not a problem if you’d prefer not to have your own furniture in the photos; we can dress the scene (including the flowers & bubbly) with a few modernist pieces shown below:

nb. If you’re looking to purchase some modernist or retro furniture please CONTACT ME…


All new house & extension projects for 2017 (on a full-service package) will include:

• 3D CAD model
• Solid foam-board model
• 3D flyover and/or 3D walkthrough animation


Something I’ve never really thought about (that the ‘masters’ always did) was to ensure the project has a proper name. A name that tells you something about the house. A name that is unique to that property.

I’d only realised I’d be missing out on this since the trips this year to Chicago – let’s look at how the houses I visited were named:

• Fallingwater – What else could you call a house over a waterfall!

• Kentuck Knob – no sniggering on this one. The name Kentuck Knob is credited to the late 18th-century settler David Askins, who intended to move from Western Pennsylvania to Kentucky, but then reconsidered and remained at the very property, naming his tract of land Little Kentuck. And the knob refers to the top of the hill.

• Farnsworth House – Design for Dr. Edith Farnsworth

So I guess you could adopt either of these principles:

1. Named after a feature of the house. Our own house is Teach thalamh – underground house:

2. Name it after the person commissioning the house – O’Sullivan House would be an example that we did a long while back

3. Name it after the area and the feature. cnoc Tiraninny as an example.

If you can think of other ways of house naming, please comment below…

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