New service for house energy performance #ClimateEmergency

It is now essential that we address the current Climate Emergency. And one of the ways that you can do this in your house is by reducing the amount of energy lost through poor insulation and damp.

In a similar way to our ‘Initial Consultation: Needs/Review Report‘ for designs, we can also provide an Energy Analysis Consultation where we can undertake the following (This can include, but is not limited to):

  • Visit your house and calculate the existing u-values approximately of the main fabric such as floor, walls, roofs, windows etc…. Based on the age of the property, typical construction methods at that time and a visual inspection. The u-value calculations are undertaken using the Passivhaus PHPP software and methodology
  • Calculate proposed u-values for energy improvement for the floors, windows, walls & roof etc… and to give approximate (per square metre or unit costs) for the work required. We will also provide advice on the possible disruption that could occur for each measure e.g. increasing the floor insulation may result in having floors removed.
  • Take key photographic thermal images of potential cold-bridges around the house and give advice on how these potentially could be improved upon. These images will show heat leakage points
  • Give advice on potential grants that are available for thermal improvements.
  • Give advice on potential approved contractors able to complete the works
  • Give advice and suppliers contact details for Airtightness tests
  • Provide damp level readings and damp/mould mapping to potentially show location of water ingress
  • Give advice on suitable materials that would be suitable for your particular situation; for example a traditional cottage would need breathable materials on walls etc…
  • Provide all of the above in a written report emailed as a PDF

    Note: This service isn’t a BER/DEAP Calculation nor a full energy audit and deals specifically with the items described above and is a useful starting point for thermal upgrades to your property.

    NOTE: If your house is outside of Mayo then you will need to include travel expenses that can be included via THIS LINK

    To book in an Energy Analysis Consultation CLICK HERE

    We can also provide Thermal Bridging Assessments upon request.

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