Never let a good crisis go to waste…Download an initial architectural consultation now!

Attributed to Winston Churchill and then (in)famously said at a 2008 Wall Street Journal Forum by Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Heres’ the YouTube clip if you’d like to see it:

He goes onto say:

“First of all, what I said was never let a good crisis go to waste when it’s an opportunity to do things you had never considered or you didn’t think were possible.”

And if you still are heading your head in the sand; Ireland is still going through it’s greatest financial crisis it’s probably ever seen; and this is especially true in the construction industry.

An SME has the advantage of a large corporation on being able to ‘turn on a sixpence’ which has led to a lot of changes to the way I currently conduct business.

It has also led to the introduction of me introducing the concept of an ‘Initial Architect’s Consultation’

So if you’d like to book an initial consultation with me then CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE THE BOOKING FORM

ps I’ve also updated the SERVICES and CONTACT sections of website.

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