Mary completes the house of peacefulness…

I wrote a while back about the conversation between our house and our neighbour’ Mary House. Well, Mary has finished (more or less) and the house is now occupied.

A little bit of back history:

The house had a planning history and I came into it late with a proposal as the planning was running out to improve the design a bit by changing the ‘super-dormer’ roof to a more sympathetic double pitched design with a linking bridge between the two. This format is a more rural style and evokes the extended school house as illustrated in the link above.

I also helped with some remodelling inside, obtained the retention planning permission and have been inspecting/certifying the works as it progressed.

The construction is also interesting as it’s of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), airtight with heat recovery and ventilation and triple glazed windows.

Anyway, below is the ‘tear-sheet’ on the project and if you’d like more information on what the ‘House of Peacefullness’ is about or on Mary Lynch then CLICK HERE:


House of Peacefulness – for more information visit

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