Let's have Topping Out in Ireland & short update on rural house project


One of the construction mile stones in the UK is ‘Topping out’ where the point is reached when the topmost part of the building is completed and this moment is acknowledged.

I’ve written about this (and other) construction ceremonies in THIS BLOG POST

Here’s the Wikipedia page on Topping out and it seems to be a ceremony specific to the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland and unfortunately doesn’t seem to have made it to Ireland.

So, as a UK born and trained architect who has re-qualified as an Irish architect, I am single handedly going to adopt the practice of celebrating this important milestone and the first job I’m going to do it on is at the rural house in County Mayo project.

Now I know that the client is meant to do this to thank his design and construction team but if I wait for that I’ll be waiting a long time – so I’m going to take on the responsibility.

So even though we won’t be drinking on site I’ll give the key players a bottle of beer to drink over Easter. No drinking on Good Friday remember. And what better beer to give from a London born architect than Fuller’s London Pride

I’ll do a more detailed update on the house next week but as you can see below, the remaining pieces of steel have been fitted and we’re now getting ready to weather tight:

Rural house mayo

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