Job done on this contemporary extension to 2 storey traditional Irish farmhouse

I wrote a while back about why being an architect is the best job in the world and the best jobs come from the exceptional clients and a few of the photos came from a project mid-construction that reinforces all of these ideas:

1. This is old but this is new

2. Rooms should be the right sizes

3. Symmetry (or not?) (featuring Rihanna)

4. White Space is OK

5. Form Follows Function

6. Historical Reference (loved the guesses on Instagram on what the influences were)

7. Massing and Form

8. Exceptional clients

Well anyway, the job is complete and the builder has moved out; there’s still work to be done like the painting/kitchen etc… and at this stage my work is also complete until the Spring. The slideshow below shows the completed (so far) job:

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A special thanks to Elaine & Noel, exceptional clients.

The structural genius that is Structural Engineer Paul Cuddy, Tel: 086 306 1608

The main contractor for exceptional work:

The roofing contractor on the Kalico sections:

Billy Dunne
Tel: 087 264 8139

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