I’m average & proud of being average…

I am average.

There, I’ve said it.

Throughout my entire life I have been average.

From my school days (average intelligence culminating in average grades at school – the teachers have to forecast the grades for the UCCA application and I got exactly what my teachers said – CCD – Average)

Through to my University days – average degree (2.2 if you ask)

Through to my career – I’m an average architect.

My sporting prowess – I was greatly disheartened when they do a lung & heart analysis and the results said I was (yes, you’ve guessed it) – average.

But being average doesn’t mean that you have to do average things. I’m not going to blow my own trumpet but I would consider the things I have done and achieved with my average mind and body have been well above average. I suppose this post is a follow-up from the following post on Me, triathlons & growing up on how you should be proud of the things you’ve done rather than the things you didn’t.

What I am trying to say is that even if you consider yourself average, be proud of being average; you’ll probably be working a lot harder to achieve results than the ‘Above average’ – and trust me; hard work goes a long way.

But what does that mean if you’re trying to sell yourself as an architect and you’re saying you’re average!

Well, I work incredibly hard and do my utmost to work with you and your project to achieve success. Although I was born average it doesn’t mean that what I will create for you will be average and I urge all those average people out there to be proud of being average, shout it out loud “I’m average and I’m proud of being average!” And then work bloody hard to produce the above average results!

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